Accelerated Rate of Decay

by DeathCrawl

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Candice Saw these guys open for Deafheaven at the Grog Shop. Extremely fucking impressed at the massive level of sludge this three piece projected. Favorite track: Disturbing the Earth.
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released October 16, 2012


BMD - Drums. Throat. Nord.
Damonowskivich - Guitar. Throat.
Jsn - Bass. Throat. Micromoog.

recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Johnson @ Bad Back Studios, Cleveland, OH


all rights reserved



DeathCrawl Cleveland, Ohio

DeathCrawl has been delivering apocalyptic sludge from the rotting carcass of Cleveland, OH since late 2006. Powered by 3 throats, 19 vacuum tubes, 1887 sq. inches of speaker cone, and 1739 sq inches of drum heads, they unleash a pummeling soundscape of failure, apathy, and violence.
DeathCrawl is BMD (Drums, Throat), Jsn (Bass, Throat), and Damonowskivich (Guitar, Throat).
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Track Name: Burned Out
burn out the stars, let an endless expanse consume
throw the world back in time, screaming into obscurity
don't act surprised, this inevitable climax of arrogance
come celebrate the death of the so-called modern age
our greed, it can’t endure
when the engines of industry grind to a halt
heads hung low, backs bent with depression
wars wage on, for control of what keeps the lights on
constant blackout, power-starved systems sputter and fail
knocked to the ground, there's no fight left in a beaten will
all of this will pass as if a dream
fade into collective memory
and the meek shall inherit the earth
as a model of how not to live
all of this will pass as if a dream
fade into collective memory
the scars begin to heal
and the next rat king begins anew
consume devour exploit deflower
when this house of cards
comes tumbling down all buried alive
there won’t be enough time
to punish the guilty we all would hang
consume devour deflower collapse
Track Name: Kill or be Killed
the oceans are boiling
the seas have gone red
rivers of blood flow
into lakes of the dead
the forests are brittle
and broken and ash
scorched by the flames
of man's discontent
jack-booted zombies will swarm in the streets
feeding on fear and free-minded peoples
hospitals will overflow with the wounded
conditions erode, disease will run rampant
the riots are over
resources depleted
scraping the bottom
morale is defeated
the sound of gunfire
arrival impending
survival a question
that will not go unanswered
stay in your homes, the megaphone screams
wait there for death, that's what they mean
shore up the walls, sight in the rifles
prepare for the siege, prepare for the siege
do not believe in these lies that are told
they want all your food and your women and guns
government thugs who will confiscate life
kill or be killed, it's kill or be killed
sever their heads and impale them on pikes
serve up this warning to all that approach
the spraying of blood marks your territory
kill or be killed, it's kill or be killed
Track Name: Dead is Dead
this situation is out of control
spitting out teeth and blood and bone
and the future does not bode well
because everything dies alone
this is sorrow and malice and hatred
this is all that was feared
cold comfort of ignorance shattered
it cannot be repaired
all shall rot in boxes
all shall wither away
all will be forgotten
in shallow graves
false transmissions calling us home
atmospheric tricks by old ghosts
whispering annihilation
in garbled signal and broken code
a truth long obscured finally hits home
dead is dead, and dead is gone
there’s no time to carve the memorials
there’s no sense in wasting the stone
Track Name: Blight
from horizon to doorstep
from desert to sea
tent cities forever expanding
reflect the human disease
every frontier is conquered
every resource is strained
curse all of methuselah’s children
with the nerve to sustain
this will be the death of us all
behold the gardens, they wither
in exhausted earth
behold the crops, they fail
dying of thirst
woe be the flora and fauna
stubbornly making do
when the fields go barren
it's them we'll turn to
behold the rations, the riots
starvation's hold
behold the dead, the dying
fields' barren rows
entire towns left abandoned
ravaged and in decay
burnt pastures stretching for miles
only dead will remain
Track Name: Disturbing the Earth
thermionic valves are ablaze
blinding all in a tectonic haze
disturbing the earth
with foul sounding waves
wood splinters and metals will shatter
low impedence to energy transfer
spit, blood, and sweat lubricates
this opening of hell's gate
sickness will spread
moved in the air
curtains of fire
will drape the land
disturb the earth
setting steel into violent motion
vibrations that ring and decay
disturbing the earth
with foul sounding waves
gasses give way
to blankets of ash
life is erased
nothing will stand
disturb the earth
violent reactions
earthly contractions
there is no escaping
this completion of disaster
the masses will run
Track Name: Maginot
all these years, preparing for
programmed brains to welcome war
how it is, how it will be
there can be no divergence
we're born and bred for war
no apologies
we are death destroyer of worlds
sea to shining sea
us or them, endless struggle
sing of peace, but salt the earth
when it comes, best be prepared
no mercy, winner takes all
for all the defenses
for all the deceit
every hole that was dug
was dug in defeat
it's all so senseless
nothing worthwhile
every wall that's erected
will come down in a pile
a kingdom of fire
will eventually burn
a simple lesson
but a lesson not learned
wind carries ash
Track Name: Despite Our Best Efforts
awake to an eternity of rust,
hung shoulders, heads in the sand
hail the descent into forgotten empire
long-weary eyes rolling inward
from once distant sight
praying for a war that never came
still suffering its defeat
the door is closed on progress
keeping busy, ruining all
there will be no legacy
only ghettos and graves
cities of corrugated tombs
mountains of trash and decay
hide in shadows no star can vanquish
jealous eyes with forked tongues
lashing out at distant crowns
casting endless blame
despite our best efforts
we ruin everything
Track Name: Lucifer's Hammer
the sky is falling, it’s all come crashing down
the earth is shaking, building tops will meet the ground
debris is streaking, punching holes in the skyline
is this the end? how could anyone survive?
all hope is lost
the coast is crumbling, sliding into the sea
the plains washed over, faultlines explode at the seams
black clouds contrasting on a blood red sky
the smell of plastics ablaze, chemicals burning the eyes
the oceans are rising, in blankets of steam
and somewhere swelling is a cacophonous scream
all hope is lost, all life will end, it’s all over
there are no more headlines, the talking heads are all dead
there’s only panic, animalistic terror, and feelings of dread
the temples are swollen with despondent and forlorn souls
fissures exploding, swallowing the cities whole

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