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Acceptable Level of Misery

by DeathCrawl

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False Oracle 03:55
holding a skull up to the sun navigate by shadows it casts light a fire deep inside it carve a path through the night not blind, not blind the inner eye sees all search for meaning in columns of smoke it's easy to justify the means send a message to all who are watching let them have no doubts a spire ascends from the ashes, built with bone its blackened gaze upon all it purveys malevolent stars overhead, graves below signed, sealed, delivered, we're gone let there be no superstition it should be no surprise every chapter's been written there’s no turning this tide
Zenith 02:26
coming to on a rooftop watch the contrails expand shield eyes from the sun how long has it been? tear it away, tear it down shed this false skin hoist up the true mantel let the blood flow again we're overcoming our intrinsic controls dormant urges awaken exploding forth brain surging, heart pounding this amoral machine the apex predators pick all the bones clean
zero warning merciless instantaneous oblivion blinded and burned alive for thousands of miles every living thing is on fire run for your life what a cruel joke the ash cloud consumes we will all choke a darkness stretched to the sky impossible to cope to die off suddenly your only hope unforgiving murderous inescapable destruction good riddance miserable unsustainable failed existence no more life support no more life to support no more life planetary subsistence universally diminished zero meaning emptiness there is no legacy left by us no more life
buried in plastic, cough up a lung all of this rubbish, weighing us down every day we're getting sicker they say we're doing just fine we're throwing up, we suffer we're fine entombed in promises, fragile minds bend useless trinkets bloom, like weeds on a grave we suffer entombed by all the things we seek
deep in the hills, lost for years, there's a church of whitewashed pine its steeple bearing a cross, inverted, its grounds unkempt surrounded by tombs of its flock, the crypts lay empty ghouls walk the country by day, and by night, devouring what they find this place, is full of old ghosts so much, has gone wrong evil lays just below so much, will go wrong the forests are empty of game, only vermin and branches remain this darkness lays unmapped, unknown, no roads lead in remembered only in myth, in the stories of the old "beware corrupted earth, where the sun refuses to shine and death reigns" beware the evil influence withering all nothing good can be sustained corrupted earth bereft of people evidence slowly dissolves nothing good here will remain corrupted earth
daylight breaks illuminates the struggle another day they're all the same fluorescent depression what's the point? distracted existence wasted days we live in a trap of our own design darkness falls pavlovian response disconnected minds to pacify tortured dreams the nightmare never ends daylight breaks nothing will ever change we live in our own trap we're born we die broken
Derelict 08:47
approaching the wreckage origins unknown stumble forth misguidedly so far from home bold egos not listening as warnings are raised surrounded by skeletons of man and machine catastrophic failure so easy to see what is this we stand before? what ancient plague beyond these doors? corrosive evidence mistakes made plain the echoes reverberate of pain and fear anxieties creeping in we are already dead a demon awakened deep in its hold chaotic abandon betrays escape this once great vessel will be our tomb drunken with fear flailing and scared lost what was set in motion was our self-desctruction loss she’s coming to undo us all one after one will visit his fate death
sitting in place, watching the world slip away, there's nothing to say every dawn a reminder that there's no point, we are perpetually damned so what if there's something worth holding onto, it's destined to fail get accustomed to defeat poisoned ideas engorge on the vine while the good just wither there is a harvest coming, a reckoning, ruin collapse in place, everything's gone, only shadows remain the world is no longer a beautiful place, it's assumed our ugliness every hopeful thought that's been had has been drowned in the blood of innocence welcome to hell we’re damned this is the hell we have made this is the hell we deserve


released October 27, 2017

BMD - drums. throat. nord.
JSN - bass. throat. moog.
DAMONOWSKIVICH - guitar. throat.

all songs by deathcrawl. copyright © 2017
recorded june - november 2016.
bad back studios - cleveland OH.

recorded, mixed, and mastered by dave johnson.
photographs and layout by jason luchka.

this album is dedicated to jim konya and gene fikhman.


all rights reserved



DeathCrawl Cleveland, Ohio

DeathCrawl has been delivering apocalyptic sludge from the rotting carcass of Cleveland, OH since late 2006. Powered by 3 throats, 19 vacuum tubes, 1887 sq. inches of speaker cone, and 1739 sq inches of drum heads, they unleash a pummeling soundscape of failure, apathy, and violence.
DeathCrawl is BMD (Drums, Throat), Jsn (Bass, Throat), and Damonowskivich (Guitar, Throat).
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