from horizon to doorstep
from desert to sea
tent cities forever expanding
reflect the human disease
every frontier is conquered
every resource is strained
curse all of methuselah’s children
with the nerve to sustain
this will be the death of us all
behold the gardens, they wither
in exhausted earth
behold the crops, they fail
dying of thirst
woe be the flora and fauna
stubbornly making do
when the fields go barren
it's them we'll turn to
behold the rations, the riots
starvation's hold
behold the dead, the dying
fields' barren rows
entire towns left abandoned
ravaged and in decay
burnt pastures stretching for miles
only dead will remain


from Accelerated Rate of Decay, released October 16, 2012



all rights reserved


DeathCrawl Cleveland, Ohio

DeathCrawl has been delivering apocalyptic sludge from the rotting carcass of Cleveland, OH since late 2006. Powered by 3 throats, 19 vacuum tubes, 1887 sq. inches of speaker cone, and 1739 sq inches of drum heads, they unleash a pummeling soundscape of failure, apathy, and violence.
DeathCrawl is BMD (Drums, Throat), Jsn (Bass, Throat), and Damonowskivich (Guitar, Throat).
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