Kill or be Killed

from by DeathCrawl



the oceans are boiling
the seas have gone red
rivers of blood flow
into lakes of the dead
the forests are brittle
and broken and ash
scorched by the flames
of man's discontent
jack-booted zombies will swarm in the streets
feeding on fear and free-minded peoples
hospitals will overflow with the wounded
conditions erode, disease will run rampant
the riots are over
resources depleted
scraping the bottom
morale is defeated
the sound of gunfire
arrival impending
survival a question
that will not go unanswered
stay in your homes, the megaphone screams
wait there for death, that's what they mean
shore up the walls, sight in the rifles
prepare for the siege, prepare for the siege
do not believe in these lies that are told
they want all your food and your women and guns
government thugs who will confiscate life
kill or be killed, it's kill or be killed
sever their heads and impale them on pikes
serve up this warning to all that approach
the spraying of blood marks your territory
kill or be killed, it's kill or be killed


from Accelerated Rate of Decay, released October 16, 2012



all rights reserved


DeathCrawl Cleveland, Ohio

DeathCrawl has been delivering apocalyptic sludge from the rotting carcass of Cleveland, OH since late 2006. Powered by 3 throats, 19 vacuum tubes, 1887 sq. inches of speaker cone, and 1739 sq inches of drum heads, they unleash a pummeling soundscape of failure, apathy, and violence.
DeathCrawl is BMD (Drums, Throat), Jsn (Bass, Throat), and Damonowskivich (Guitar, Throat).
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