Disturbing the Earth

from by DeathCrawl



thermionic valves are ablaze
blinding all in a tectonic haze
disturbing the earth
with foul sounding waves
wood splinters and metals will shatter
low impedence to energy transfer
spit, blood, and sweat lubricates
this opening of hell's gate
sickness will spread
moved in the air
curtains of fire
will drape the land
disturb the earth
setting steel into violent motion
vibrations that ring and decay
disturbing the earth
with foul sounding waves
gasses give way
to blankets of ash
life is erased
nothing will stand
disturb the earth
violent reactions
earthly contractions
there is no escaping
this completion of disaster
the masses will run


from Accelerated Rate of Decay, released October 16, 2012



all rights reserved


DeathCrawl Cleveland, Ohio

DeathCrawl has been delivering apocalyptic sludge from the rotting carcass of Cleveland, OH since late 2006. Powered by 3 throats, 19 vacuum tubes, 1887 sq. inches of speaker cone, and 1739 sq inches of drum heads, they unleash a pummeling soundscape of failure, apathy, and violence.
DeathCrawl is BMD (Drums, Throat), Jsn (Bass, Throat), and Damonowskivich (Guitar, Throat).
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